The young director, Gaël Métroz, takes the road alone, camera in hand, in the footsteps of Nicolas Bouvier. He discovers that the East is no longer the almost carefree land of the Fifties recounted in l’Usage du Monde: Iran in crises, Pakistan shaken by tribal violence’s, Taliban, civil war in Sri Lanka. This world, Bouvier had the usage, seem to have disappeared under the veil of time. Disappointed the director leaves the main road traced by the famous Topolino and continues on the small path with the nomads. In creating his own route, Gaël Métroz reveals the writer’s philosophy of travel.

“Dreaming of Nicolas Bouvier’s East, I had to go from the dust of the books to the ones of the roads. I left alone, to shoot a documentary for five or six month about the journey made by the writer in 1952. A year later, I was still not returned. Leaving the main roads traced by his Topolino, I got closer to the writer’s philosophy of travel: "A journey does not need reasons. Before long, it proves to be reason enough in itself.”
The rest of the journey – and the most essential - was made with the nomads on small paths, by jeep, by camel, yak, dromedary, and especially on foot. Because I felt good. Because for the first time maybe, I felt at home, nowhere, lost and happy to be."
Gaël Métroz

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